Fr. 03.08.2018

Promising search for investors at BANSS about to be completed

Mi. 25.04.2018

BANSS restructuring under self-administration

Mo. 23.04.2018

FOODTECH Barcelona 2018

Fr. 22.12.2017

IPPE 2018

Fr. 20.10.2017

Gulfood Manufacturing 2017

Fr. 29.09.2017


Di. 07.03.2017

FOTEG 2017

Mo. 09.01.2017

IPPE 2017

Mo. 17.10.2016

Gulfood Manufacturing 2016

Di. 11.10.2016

Iranplex 2016

Di. 06.09.2016

CIMIE 2016 in Beijing

Fr. 19.08.2016

MeatTech 2016 in Bengaluru

Mi. 18.05.2016

IFFA 2016

Do. 07.04.2016


Di. 05.01.2016

IPPE 2016

Mi. 11.11.2015


Do. 15.10.2015

Gulfood Manufacturing 2015

Mi. 23.09.2015


Di. 01.09.2015

CIMIE 2015 in Qingdao, Shangdong province

Mi. 29.04.2015

SEOUL Food & Hotel 2015

Mo. 27.04.2015

Eurocarne 2015

Do. 02.04.2015

Bta. 2015

Mo. 16.03.2015

BANSS research project bleeding control

Mo. 02.03.2015

VIV Asia 2015

Mi. 25.02.2015

FOTEG 2015

Di. 10.02.2015

Regional Commercial and Industrial Chamber (IHK) exhibition: World market leaders in the Lahn and Dill river region

Fr. 16.01.2015

BANSS @ German World Market Leader

Do. 15.01.2015

BANSS AMERICA relocation

Mo. 20.10.2014

Gulfood Manufacturing 2014

Mo. 22.09.2014

AGROPRODMASH 2014 in Moscow, October 6th - 10th

Fr. 13.06.2014

Foodpro 2014 in Melbourne

Di. 03.06.2014

CIMIE 2014 in Beijing

Mi. 16.04.2014

VIV India 2014 in Bengaluru

Mo. 24.02.2014

BANSS involved in DFG/AiF cluster research project

Mi. 27.11.2013

MAROCARNE 2013, Casablanca

Fr. 08.11.2013


Mo. 30.09.2013

CIMIE 2013 in Qingdao

Fr. 27.09.2013

New location

Fr. 19.07.2013

Lining up

Di. 28.05.2013

IFR - Innovative Food Robotics

Sa. 04.05.2013

IFFA time

Di. 19.03.2013

Spanish website online

Do. 07.03.2013

FOTEG 2013 in Istanbul

Mo. 04.03.2013

VIV Asia 2013 in Bangkok

Mo. 18.02.2013

Gulfood 2013

Di. 11.12.2012

ISO certificates in several languages

Mi. 31.10.2012

Revised BANSS catalogs

Di. 30.10.2012

WorldFood KAZ

Mo. 08.10.2012

CIMIE 2012

Di. 02.10.2012


Mo. 10.09.2012


Di. 04.09.2012


Fr. 31.08.2012

Introducing new star for Biedenkopf

Mo. 06.08.2012

Grenzgang Biedenkopf 2012

Fr. 03.08.2012

Education at BANSS

Di. 31.07.2012

BANSS America

Mo. 21.05.2012

Eurocarne 2012

Do. 10.05.2012

Bta. 2012

Fr. 04.05.2012

Red Meat Abattoir Association Conference and Congress 2012

Do. 29.03.2012

Project Mecca 2012

Mo. 06.02.2012

Exhibition Gulfood 2012 Dubai

So. 01.01.2012

Happy New Year 2012

Mo. 10.10.2011

BANSS students starting education

Mo. 26.09.2011


Fr. 16.09.2011

World Pork Conference 2011

Fr. 27.05.2011

Chinese language option online

Fr. 20.05.2011

Robotics in focus

Mo. 09.05.2011

BANSS in Beijing: June 1st - 3rd CIMIE 2011

Do. 21.04.2011

Slaughtering robots in line with the current trend


Fr. 03.08.2018

Promising search for investors at BANSS about to be completed


“The commitment of the banks to continue financing projects will give new impetus to process existing orders.” assures Silvio Höfer from the law firm “anchor Rechtsanwälte” and appointed insolvency administrator for BANSS Schlacht- und Fördertechnik GmbH by the Local Court (Amtsgericht). All the business operations will fully continue during the insolvency proceedings concerning the assets of this company, which were opened as scheduled on 01.08.2018. New system orders and the activities of the aftersales service will be realized maintaining the high quality standards. Due to a newly structured process the order flow will thus be ensured also in this phase. The great trust in BANSS demonstrated by customers and suppliers during the entire restructuring process has given additional room for maneuver with regard to the future existence of BANSS.

Meanwhile, the fact that investors have shown considerable interest underpins the prospect of continuing the business activities of BANSS at the location in Biedenkopf. The search for investors, which was initiated during the process of applying for insolvency, will be continued in its final stage also during the now opened insolvency proceedings, and is expected to be completed in the near future. Together with the already known advisers and under the leadership of the insolvency administrator the negotiations with potential investors are being conducted further on.

The contact persons of BANSS can still be reached under their known contact data.

Biedenkopf, August 8th 2018