With the BANSS cattle stunning equipment, the risk of stunning failure is greatly minimized through the use of a head restrainer device.

Cattle stunning box BRF-I

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  • Head restrainer meets modern standards of animal welfare
  • With integrated double advance system
  • For captive bolt stunning
  • With hydraulic or pneumatic drive
  • Also available in stainless steel construction
  • Robust dump box floor with low noise design

Stunning box BRF II Hy

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  • Stunning box designed for cattle and calves
  • Slaughter capacity up to 100 heads/hr
  • Head and neck restraint device designed with both vertical and horizontal movement
  • Adjustable side wall to retain calves
  • Robust and slip-resistant dump box floor

Multifunctional cattle stunning box – MGB

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  • Complete stunning box can be rotated
  • Animal is slightly lifted and safely held by means of the breast and abdomen support
  • Two electrodes integrated into the neck area
  • Heart electrode integrated into the breast support
  • Head is freely accessible during the entire stunning process
  • Blood removal directly after the current flow has ended (sticking slide)
  • Gentle transfer onto a landing grid or plate conveyor

Ritual slaughtering

BANSS unique Halal slaughter box has been specially designed and constructed to meet stringent ritual and functionality requirements.

Ritual Slaughter box BKT – Halal slaughtering

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  • Fully rotational slaughter box
  • Full head and neck restrain system
  • Neck stretching function for accurate ritual cut
  • Gentle transfer into the shackling position
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BANSS offers our customers state-of-the-art cutting edge technology. Our dehiders for cattle, horses and calves with or without front feet shackling are suited for various installation for either continuous or non-synchronous slaughtering facilities.

Roller dehider BE3, BE4, BE6

BE3 – Options:

  • Electro-pneumatic
  • Electro-hydraulic

Capacity: 75 cattle/hr (max.)

BE4 – Options:

  • Hydraulic
  • With shock device, without front feet shackling

Capacity: 60 cattle/hr (max.)

BE6 – Options:

  • Hydraulic
  • Without shock device, with front feet shackling

Capacity: 75 cattle/hr (max.)

Roller dehider BE5, BE7

BE5 – Options:

  • With swivel arm roller
  • Hydraulic

Capacity: 75 cattle/hr (max.)

BE7 – Options:

  • Electro-pneumatic system

Capacity: 30 cattle/hr (max.)

Workplace equipment and accessories

BANSS benefits from many years of experience with workspace design of harvest facilities. Only a work place designed with strict adherence to safety and ergonomics will assure an efficient and accurate operating sequence. Last but not least, the product quality is assured by an ergonomically designed workstation.

Operator lift and stationary platforms

By maintaining a clean circumferential platform border the risk for cross contamination is eliminated. Our lifting and stationary platforms are equipped with sterilization stations for tools and cleaning equipment used during the slaughtering process.

Horizontally and vertically moveable lifting platforms for handling of various carcass lengths and sizes

Lift and fixed platforms with sterilization stations for tools as well as cleaning equipment for the slaughtering operations

All equipment components supplied by BANSS that are in direct contact with the product are equipped with cleaning and sterilization stations.


Hygiene and food safety are the utmost importance during the slaughtering process. Parameters that guarantee the quality of a customer´s product; as defined by the local food safety and consumer protection agencies.

Ergonomically designed eviscerating process allowing white offal to be deposited directly into take-away chute / tray; without operator contacting product or turning / bending his body.

Cleaning and sterilization unit for holding tongs of the hook relief system of the roller dehider

Hook cleaning and sterilization unit