Conveyance  Systems

Conveyance, tracking and cooling equipment/systems

For many years BANSS has designed, manufactured and supplied material handling systems for slaughtering facilities. This includes conveyance, tracking and cooling equipment/systems. The technology is designed to meet our customer´s preferences and requirements.

Available Conveyance Systems and accessories

  • Semi-automatic stable and feeding systems
  • Thick wall tubular rails for cattle bleeding area
  • Tubular rails with PVC inserts
  • Tubular rails in 1 1/2" (0.16" wall thickness) and 2" (0.18" wall thickness) in galvanized or stainless steel
  • Manual and pneumatic tubular rail diverters with or without PVC inserts
  • Elevators for all weights and distances
  • Chain conveyors in various configurations with or without tubular rails
  • Trolley conveying systems suited for various loads
  • Chain conveyors with multiple drives for large and/or long transport distance
  • Chain conveyors with drag chain drive
  • Stacking and endless conveyors for cooling rooms
  • Stacking rails for cooling rooms
  • Fully automated in feed and out feed storage
  • Complete EDP solutions and data collection
  • Product grading systems
  • Real time data/visual systems
  • Carcass traceability systems

Stable systems

The slaughtering process begins with the livestock-friendly stables. Our designs incorporate the latest and best animal welfare solutions.