Dear Sirs and Madames,

Due to the Corona Virus, there are now severe restrictions in public life and the economy. Appropriate precautionary measures and behavioral adjustments are therefore essential. Even though health is a top priority at this time, we are well aware that you, our customers, have the essential priority of ensuring that the population is supplied with food. We see ourselves as part of the whole and have decided to immediately implement the following preventive measures for our company.

  • Employees who have stayed in high-risk areas for business or vacation trips are working preventively from their home office until further notice.
  • Division of the administration and production facilities into spatially separate areas with assigned separate sanitary facilities. Employees may only stay and move in the areas assigned to them.
  • Division of the workforce into smaller groups that are assigned to the respective spatial areas. Each group can work independently of the others and each of these groups is able to provide information and to accept and process orders.
  • External and internal meetings are held digitally.
  • Since the beginning of the year, we have created the possibility of doing all work from the home office by introducing a new ERP system, internal training and changing the internal workflow organization, this applies in particular to the areas of sales, after-sales service, finance and construction.

You can still reach us at the phone numbers you know. A current telephone list can be found in the appendix.
In addition, there is the possibility of video conferences via common and widely used conference systems. Please coordinate the options and dates in advance by telephone.

Our employees are still available for inspections / plant reviews, repairs, maintenance work and assembly of plants and plant parts. We will take care to avoid personal contact with your employees as far as possible. For example, the work / repair instructions are given to the fitter concerned by mobile phone or email (in German). We will send you the proof of work in electronic form for signature.

We hope that you and your families will get through this time safely and we are sure that we will master this difficult phase together.

Best regards,
Nicole Weiß, Jürgen Weiß