Internal testing centre at Banss

Thanks to extensive precautionary and hygienic measures, our company has come through the corona pandemic well so far. In order to keep the risk of infection as low as possible, Banss offers all employees the opportunity to take a professional rapid test at the company twice a week during working hours.

In cooperation with the Schloß-Apotheke in Biedenkopf, an internal testing centre was installed in a former meeting room. Equipment and procedures were planned and rehearsed in detail with the owner of the Schloß-Apotheke, pharmacist Martin Heimen. In addition, four employees who are already trained as first aiders were thoroughly trained to be able to carry out PoC antigen tests professionally.

Thanks to the permanently installed test room and the appropriately qualified staff, tests can be taken at any time if necessary. The rapid tests are offered on a voluntary basis every tuesday and friday. The result is then sent in three languages to the employee’s private e-mail address. Friday was chosen as the test day so that employees who go on assembly over the weekend can return to the customer with the most up-to-date results possible. Banss will continue to do everything in its power to protect the health of customers and staff.