BANSS offers highly efficient, customer-specific equipment to meet the requirements of sheep, lamb and goats slaughter facilities.

Equipment and Systems

  • Stables in accordance with animal welfare
  • Stunning restrainers
  • Ritual slaughtering boxes
  • Vertical and horizontal bleeding systems
  • Vertical and horizontal pre-dehiding systems
  • Dehiding machines
  • Pneumatic conveying equipment
  • Vacuum and delivery systems
  • Conveyance systems for the deboning area
  • Hook stacking conveyors
  • Tubular rail conveyance systems
  • Automatic cooling room storage systems
  • Electric control systems for the slaughtering process, traceability of in plant products, sorting and warehouse management
  • Ergonomic eviscerating and transfer systems for all by-products

Combined harvesting plant design

BANSS´s vast knowledge and expertise can design, manufacture and deliver complete, multi purpose cattle, pig or sheep harvest facilities. These facilities are designed to allow extreme operational flexibility for our customers.

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